Another Survey 準備 CLIP 2015 畢業慶祝活動

A Quick Survey - which high school?哪個高中

2015 CLTAC Speech Contest 演講比賽

2015 CLIP Grade 8 Parents' Night 家長之夜

2014-15 中文學術比賽 Chinese Language Contest

2015 ANCCS 學術比賽

2014-15 CLIP G8 Parent Survey

1st San Jose/Silicon Valley Chinese Star Contests

co-hosted by Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University and Santa Clara County Office of Education
Contest Categories: Calligraphy (Pen/Brush), Painting, Chinese Poetry Recital, Oral Presentation
Deadline for Application: Tuesday, September 30

Video Contest

hosted by World Journal 世界日報
Theme- Precious Family Moment
deadline: September 3rd